Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Story of the Night - October 14, 2013

It was bound to happen eventually, and here it is: A next-morning retroactive Story of the Night to compensate for last night being missed.  The upside?  Two posts today.

I've decided to consider stories for each day's post based on different categories.  Currently, the categories I will use are Single, Series, and Short.  I'm open to changing the categories in the future, and I don't plan on posting a different story for each category each day.  I am using the categories because these three types of stories are like apples, oranges and bananas.  It is difficult to compare a great short horror story against a longer one, or a single story against a multi-part story.  For today, I have selected a Single and a Short as their respective Stories of the Night.

First, the short story.  One of the ways I can identify a great short horror story is by how much my mind races during its short duration.  In a longer tale, it is easier to develop a sense of suspense and leave the reader guessing about what will happen; it is a much greater feat in a short story.  Author Meltedroad presented NoSleep with Thanksgiving with Family, and it is an excellent example of what I have described here.

In the single story category we have Did I lock the door? by Billthesailor.  This is another one of those stories that will spoil easily if I give a description, but you can get the gist from the title.  A great read, and one that has encouraged me to get a few extra locks for the house.

That's it for this better-late-than-never edition of NoSleep Story of the Night.  I'll be back this evening to get this train back on schedule.

Thanks for coming by, and see you later.

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