Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Story of the Night - October 23, 2013

Welcome back.  There are quite a few good stories over at NoSleep this evening, and I had to narrow it down from an initial block of four to get to a selection for tonight.  After much debate, I have selected The Girl in My Dreams by user NotANovelist.  Fans of the horror genre know that there are different types of fear.  There's the jump-out-and-yell-boo variety, the suspenseful drawn-out variety, and numerous others.  One of my favorites is the lingering creepiness kind.  This story pegs that niche pretty well.

I realized today while going through the New Queue that I have been remiss about one rather large aspect of the NoSleep community.  There's a podcast, and it is amazing.  The NoSleep Podcast is orchestrated by David Cummings, known on Reddit as user MikeRowePhone.  Every episode, approximately five stories from NoSleep and other horror subreddits are included.  The first few stories are available for free each time, but a pass can be purchased to hear the full episode.  The production quality and voice talent are top-notch, and it is well worth your time.  You can find out more one their subreddit or their website.

That's it for this evening.  If you have any comments or suggestions, leave them here on the blog or email me at

Thanks for coming by, see you tomorrow, and sleep tight.

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